Welcome to QuinnEssentials Wellness.

I'm Jill Quinn.

I teach the health conscious + spiritually curious human to align and connect with their core strength, move from pain to power with joy, eat more plants, and live a mindful heart centered life.

For over 20 years, I have been coaching clients just like you. People who crave health, healing and empowerment. Whether the transformation is spiritual, fitness or health related the foundation for success is the same.

Movement. Mindset. Nutrition.

These are the QuinnEssentials.

This is your invitation to come into alignment, body, mind + soul and experience self care as an act of radical self love.

We become what we believe ourselves to BE.

Health Behavior change is more than sheer willpower or motivation. We won't always be motivated. We won't always be inspired. It is about aligned action. The small steps that yield big results. The habits and practices that support our energy and tune us into our heart's desire. It's about learning the difference between choices that empower rather than sabotage. Health behavior change is a process of self discovery, your evolution in sacred relationship with your Self.

If you are ready to transform your health from the inside out, if you are ready to place your well being at the top of your priority list, if you are overwhelmed by limiting beliefs that keep you from embracing your next level Self, if you are ready to get off the rollercoaster of stopping and starting...

if you don’t know where or how to begin...


You are stronger than you know and capable of amazing things. Sometimes all you need is some guidance, some accountability and a way forward.

“Who you become in the process of awakening is the gift.”

- Jill

QWS On Demand

The encouragement + accountability of a coach in your back pocket for less than a burger and a brew. Think of it like your very own wellness center on your time and on your terms.

Instructor led classes in Pilates, Fitness, Mindset + Mindfulness, Nutrition, LIVE EVENTS, Guest Experts, Cooking Classes, Group Challenges, Mediation + More...

Courses + Programs

8 week Courses focusing on the QuinnEssentials Pillars of Health.

Movement. Mindset. Nutrition.




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